How much used oil do I need to have for Rock Oil to stop?

The minimum oil required for a truck to stop is 150 gallons. We will stop for less but charges may apply.

Do I get paid or charged for having my used oil collected by Rock Oil?

Payment / charges for used oil are dependent on market price for the re-manufactured oil products. Other factors that can affect payment/charges are quantity, quality, moisture content, contamination, testing requirements and location. It’s best to contact us for specifics regarding pricing. Quantities under 150 gallons most likely will incur a charge.

Can I drop off my used oil at Rock Oil’s facility in Stratford, WI?

Yes – but by appointment only. Please call ahead to insure service. Rock Oil does not allow unattended drop off.

Will Rock Oil sell me used oil for my used oil furnace? Tell me what is involved.

Yes – if you meet our minimum requirements.

Rock Oil does not sell oil off our oil collection trucks due to regulatory reasons and product quality problems.

Rock Oil does not allow customers to pick-up product at our facility for liability reasons.

Our Furnace Grade R-5 Used Oil Fuel is delivered using clean tanker trucks that only handle finished product. There is a delivery charge based on round trip mileage. Depending on your location the price will vary along with the minimum quantity we will deliver.

Your location must have adequate sized storage to handle the delivery. We do not fill 55-gallon drums or small home heating tanks.

Rock Oil recommends before purchasing a used oil heating system consider the following:

  1. Do I generate enough used oil in my business to support the heating season and system?
  2. If not, do I have a legal storage system in place to accept a large delivery safely?
  3. Am I prepared to pay for supplemental used oil fuel needed to operate my heating system? – It is not free!

Do I understand that I can accept used oil from do-it-yourself residents but it is unlawful for me to collect used oil from businesses, farms or oil installers without the proper Wisconsin DNR Solid Waste Licensing and insurance. Wisconsin DNR is cracking down on illegal collection activity due to improper handling, and risk to humans and the environment.

Businesses with used oil furnaces stop and ask me if they can have or buy my used oil for their furnace – what should I do?

If you are operating a business that generates used oil you should not sell or give your used oil to anyone unless they have a Wisconsin DNR Recyclables Transportation Service License. This License is required for businesses to collect and transport used oil in the State of Wisconsin.

It is unlawful for businesses or residents with used oil furnaces to buy or take used oil from Wisconsin businesses unless they are properly licensed to do so. Reasons for these licenses and laws are to ensure safe proper handling / testing / transportation / storage and burning of used oil waste. Used Oil can contain harmful substances that when burned can emit carcinogenic and other harmful emissions.

Used oil and other hazardous materials have “cradle – to- grave” environmental laws which make you the generating business ultimately responsible for the proper handling of your waste. If you give or sell your used oil to someone who is not properly licensed and insured or that mismanages the waste you are exposing your business to a potential liability.

It is best to use a legitimate recycling company like Rock Oil Refining, Inc. to manage your used oil waste products.

How does your program work for antifreeze, oil filters or oil absorbents that I want to recycle?

Rock Oil supplies your business with containers to accumulate the waste. Container size and quantity are sized to fit your needs.

These wastes are collected using a different truck than our oil collections so the collection is handled separately from oil. In the case of antifreeze we pump out the waste. Filters and absorbents we exchange your full containers for empties. Pricing varies depending on volume and location. Package or multiple service pricing is available.